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53 - Barton Fink will make you think...

Major thank you to all who helped spread the word on our anniversary episode last week, and we're back to movie reviews!

To start off year two of MYMHM, we're covering our first Coen Brothers movie! Seeing as how both Lee & Juan work "in the biz" (sort of), 'Barton Fink' was the logical choice to examin first!

Following the exploits of a respected stage writer making the move to LA to write films, this film features an incredible cast, and a deliciously self indulgent look at creativity and writers block.

Direct Episode Download (200MB)

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Reader Comments (2)

Regarding BF, while it has been many years since I have seen it, my impression was that it started ultra-slow and ultra-boring, but then it ratcheted up the weird a tiny bit every 5 minutes until the weird was insane by the end. This of course further complicates one's ability to describe it.

Regarding Lee's little foot-love-in at the end there, just had to say it, but I am a member of the Society For Barefoot Living - So grab them condiments.

May 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLyle Lange

It seems odd that you mentioned a few Academy Award nominations but didn't mention that it won the Golden Palm at Cannes! Oscars are nice and all, but to conquer the biggest festival in the world may be an even greater honor. Just my take on things. Not that I would even consider for a second choosing it over The Double Life of Veronique, but that's a different story...

October 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJohn

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