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55 - Daran Norris RETURNS With 'Harold & Maude'

We had SUCH a great time with our anniversary episode, we HAD to have Bert Saxby back on the show! "Bert" is actually none other than Daran Norris (whose IMDB page is as long as my torso), and when we asked him which film he would to cover, he jumped at the chance to talk about 'Harold and Maude'.

A dark romantic comedy, 'Harold and Maude' (and Ashby's direction) is in every way the spiritual precurser to directors like Wes Anderson. Featuring a fantastic cast, great direction, an alienating yet life affirming story, and impeccable editing, 'Harold and Maude' has all the trappings of a cult classic.

What did Daran have to say about it?

Direct Episode Download (230MB)

We can't thank Daran enough for dropping by to talk about this film!


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Reader Comments (6)

Lee! Stop stalling and make sure MYMHM covers Hero (Ying xiong)! I imagine you will appreciate this if you liked the visuals of The Fall.

Juan! Stop stalling and make sure MYMHM covers Dark City! 'Cause ya wanna!

As a coincidence, these two films happen to be the main two ingredients in ginger pie...

And as always: Thanks to everyone in your team for a great show!

Now shoo! Go! Cover! ;-)

May 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFan #1!! Potentially the best ginger pie recipe ever, as well.

May 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLee @ MYMHM

"Harold and Maude" is my fourth-favorite movie ever, such a treasure on all fronts. People remember it as an oddball dark comedy, a limits-pushing romantic comedy, but I love it because it's a coming-of-age film above all. Although there is a relationship, a romance fo sorts, "Harold and Maude" really is about embracing life. With all its staged suicides and Harold's yearning for death, the movie is an affirmation of life.

One of my top 10, I saw Harold and Maude when it first came out in theaters--I was about 18 or so. Bud Cort was my idea of a heartthrob in those days--he was the reason I saw it at all. I fell in love with this film and have watched it from time to time over the last 40 years. Now I'm 60 and just now beginning to deeply understand the Maude side of the film. This isn't a cult classic, it's just a classic. It IS about embracing life and it teaches us, as Maude says, to "LIVE!!" This one is a lesson to the young and a love letter to the old and most of all, a real wakeup call to be sure to LIVE all the years in between. I am so glad I took Maude's advice and have looked at life at every age as an adventure. This one should be requried viewing for every young person in any country. Harold was my hero in my youth, Maude is my hero in my midlife.
On top of the grand message is a dark comedy of shocking (at the time) suicide attempts and January-December love. The great bogus suicide attempts perpetrated on Harold's non-plussed mother are hysterical. Every detail--the XKE transformation, the Army Colonel uncle (remember, the film was produced during the Viet Nam war), even the girlfriends (the hari kari scene is a scream), while awfully strident metaphors, are funny as hell.

July 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRKZ

Hey RKZ!
It's such a satisfying film that has aged incredibly well over time. Perfectly informs the inspiration behind film makers like Wes Anderson

July 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJuan @ MYMHM

I'm way behind on episodes, but I'm catching up! Just wanted to add that another notable film with a single artist providing the soundtrack is Eddie Vedder on Into The Wild… incidentally also more successful than Dead Man IMO. ;)

May 20, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAndrew Conkling

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