What Should Your To Do-List Be?

What Should Your To Do-List Be?

What Should You Learn In Order?

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First things first, you have got to learn how to Ollie as it is the foundation of almost every trick that you will hope to learn in skateboarding. On contrary to what people might tell you do not dive straight into a kickflip. Try to do a Shove/shuv-it (look for video tutorials or written tutorials on the internet) and then once you’ve got that down you can try a Pop Shove-it which combines the two previous tricks you have learnt.
This will teach you valuable determination and perseverance of which you will need to learn how to do more advanced tricks and stop yourself launching your board threw your neighbor’s window in anger. All that you will learn will be worth the effort.
Pop Shove-It
Ollie North

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*any other singular flip you want to learn* Don’t try launch yourself into some crazy quad-flip. Then you have two options- If you want to learn grab tricks, you need to get a high-Ollie as a foundation for them and take it to the ramps of which you should be comfortable on. Or go grinding! (of which I cannot do) and fear. Fell off. One leg either side of Rail. You get the Idea. You must have supreme balance to do this. After all of that go flat landing, starting off with basic manuals. Best strategies to master skateboardingĀ or something insane like that is definitely a whole other ball game.

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